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7 Essentials To Get Your Roller Banner Right!

7 Essentials To Get Your Roller Banner Right!

Pop-up banners, roll up banners, retractable banners, roller banner stands, no matter what you call them – design them right and make the impact that you want!

Be it events, conferences or workshops, roller banners are an eye-catching, portable, low cost marketing solution. Roller banners can draw in intrigued visitors and boost awareness of your business.

The key to achieving that? Get it right in the design! Do that and you have a powerful portable interior display solution on your hands, that can be used time and time again. Sounds good – but what are the essentials?

1. Always get a designer on board! Rugby Printer is proud to offer a bespoke designer service if required, to ensure that the design and layout are professional, eye-catching and clear.

2. Keep to your brand. It may sound common sense but anything with your brand on should represent your brand, your website and your identity – the same applies to roller banner stands. A roller banner should include branding and corporate colours to compliment and support your brand, rather than compete with it.

3. Try to avoid over complicating your roller banner with excessive text, it becomes hard to read in a matter of seconds. Roller banners are like posters. In order to stand out from the crowd and catch the eye of passers-by, text should be kept to a minimum and include only key information. Simplicity is the key.

4. Use an effective bold design, image or logo and choose carefully. If you use an image make it relevant, eye catching and of professional quality.

5. Include your contact details but typically they’re best placed lower down on the roller banner stand design! Key information should always be positioned at eyesight level.

6. Where are you most likely to display your roller banner? Keep that question in mind when designing your banner. If your banner is positioned behind a table, then you wouldn’t want to put key information on the bottom half of the artwork.

7. Location, location, location! What is the optimum position to place your roller banner in order to attract the attention of passing footfall? Please note – roller banner stands are great for inside events but struggle outside in windy conditions!

If you get the above factors right, then your roller banner stand will pay off in the long-term, offering a high quality, eye-catching solution, capable of creating an impact at any event!